• "Good prices, quick, friendly service. Was able to get a car wash and last minute oil change in under an hour."

    KIVA W.
  • "I was in desperate need of a wash due to quarantine. I was surprised they were open. I requested the whole carwash and oil all over. They did an amazing job. Took their time and provided quality service!"

  • "Rented a Penske truck here, they were very easy to work with. This is the type of shop one would want to have taking care of their auntie's car. Seemed honest as the day is long."

  • "I've been dealing with these guys for years. They're always professional and even when any of my cars seemed ready for the garbage heap they solved it. Can't say enough good things but I've got to stop typing at some point in time."

    COBI T.
  • "They are amazing mechanics. I don't think anyone can ever match their experience. They hear one awkward sound from my car and they automatically know what is wrong with it without even opening it yet. And it's all done at reasonable price as well. Ask for Albert. He's the best."

    JOHN S.
  • "They are excellent when it comes to doing the job right. Job was done incorrectly by someone else and they showed me what was wrong and fixed the problem. No more leaking for me."

    JAMES J.
  • "I’ve been struggling finding a reliable and honest mechanic for a very long time. I recently tried this place out for my truck that needed repairing. Ben was extremely helpful, honest, reliable, and quick. My truck was taken care of and at a very affordable price. I will continue using his services for any future repairs. Definitely worth going to even for car washes. Thanks Ben!"

  • "These folks helped me get my car inspected at a moment’s notice and we’re professional, helpful and friendly. Would recommend!"

  • "Best mechanics around. Always friendly and helpful. They're never out to just rip you off. I've been going for so long they give my family and I get great deals and discounts. Cheaper than the dealer with the same quality work!"

  • "can't say enough about Richard's Service Station.. from the staff to the wash itself to the service.. they are the best car wash and service station around!"

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